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At Slocum and Ferris we specialize in fast, flexible weekday lunch offerings. Whether a classic sandwich tray or our Thai massaman rice, Slocum’s lunches are tasty, quick and distinctive. Our central location in the City Market keeps our ingredients fresh and local, and our 15-year relationship with Expert Delivery ensures speedy turnover from the grill to your function. We can cater straight from our lunch menu or with prior notice we can provide all manner of dishes to your specifications. Call or email today for real market food that’s fresh and flavourful.

Tub of Teriyaki Chicken Rice 30.00
Tub of Chicken Broccoli Cashew Noodles (Thurs. Only) 36.95
Crsipy Springrolls with Spicy Plum Sauce 2.75 pert
Trays of Sandwiches (Approximately 1½ per person) 5.89 per
Sand/Wrap Assortment 6.49 per
Grilled Panini Sandwich 6.75 per
Wraps Only 6.75 per

Panini or Wrap Combo

with Tossed or Pasta Salad  8.99 per
        For 5 or More:  
with Spinach & Strawberry Salad  9.95 per
per with Greek or Caesar Salad 9.95 per

Sandwich Combo

with Tossed or Pasta Sala 8.75 per
        For 5 or More:  
with Spinach & Strawberry Salad 9.70 per
with Greek or Caesar Salad 9.70 per


Tossed or Pasta Salad 2.95 per
        For 5 or More:  
Spinach & Strawberry Salad 3.95 per
Greek or Caesar Salad 3.95 per

U-Build Deli Sandwich Tray

Rolls, condiments, etc included 9.95 per
3 meats, 3 sauces~ 8 servings minimum  

Sliced Fruit & Dip Trays

12” ~ $32.50  16” ~ $43.50   18” ~ $49.95  

Veggies & Dip

12” ~ $26.50   16” ~ $38.50   18” ~ $43.50  
*Cheese, Fruit and Cracker Trays Available  


Slocum’s Chili small  4.99    large  5.95
Soup of the Day small  4.25     large  4.99
Extra Large Won-Ton Noodle Soup 5.75


Muffins/Danish5 2.25 per
Fruit Cup 2.95 per
Yogurt Cup 2.50 per
Coffee/Tea 17.00/pot
Breakfast Bagel 5.75 per


Assorted Sweets 1.75 per
Assorted Drinks 1.50 per
Samosa/Dip 1.95 per


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