Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is a great Canadian tradition as well as a sweet treat. It is made from the sap of the sugar maple tree, which runs during a few short weeks of early spring. Once collected, maple sap is boiled down 40 times over to produce the golden syrup familiar on breakfast tables.

Boiled down even further, maple syrup can be transformed into a spreadable maple butter and a solid maple cream. Both products are equally natural, containing nothing but pure maple sugar. Maple butter makes an excellent topping or fruit dip, while maple cream can be eaten as a candy or shaved over desserts as a garnish.

For nearly 15 years Slocum and Ferris has purchased its maple products from a family maple farm in Albert County, New Brunswick, about an hour and a half toward the Nova Scotia border. Our syrup is 100% pure No. 1 Medium, meaning top quality and a rich medium-dark colour. Unlike large-batch syrups often sold in supermarkets, our supplier uses no reverse osmosis to reduce their sap. Instead, they use traditional wood fires to boil the syrup, ensuring the caramelization that creates maple syrup's distinctive flavour and golden colour.


 Maple SyrupMaple SyrupMaple Syrup


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